Release Notes and Features Roadmap


Next Release Expected: March 2017

January 26, 2017 (12.2)

  • Note: This release requires InfoPath forms to be upgraded (click the red buttons on the Forms page).
  • New feature: Custom authentication supported in online creator - for federated authentication
  • Issue with default pictures being overwritten (Windows app)
  • Issues with inserting items in repeating controls (InfoPath forms)
  • Issue with querying SharePoint (online creator)
  • Issue with GPS in repeating photos (Windows app / online creator)

December 6, 2016 (12.1)

  • New feature: Repeating Photo control (online creator)
  • New feature: 'Disable' rule supported on custom button (online creator)
  • New feature: 'Hide' action supported in rules (online creator)
  • Assorted issues and bug fixes


Recently Released Features

  • Custom authentication for federated authentication (online creator)
  • Repeating photo control (online creator)
  • More rules support: hide, disable controls (online creator)

Features under Development

  • Repeating sections (online creator)

Features on the Roadmap

  • Query data from Salesforce and other systems (online creator)
  • Windows app redesign




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