User Roles Defined

Here is a list of the different roles in the Formotus service:

Mobile User

  • Can sign into the Formotus app on any supported platform
  • Can use any deployed forms on up to two devices
  • Can get a new password from the cloud console sign-in page
  • Cannot sign into the cloud console

Organization Administrator

  • Is also a Mobile User
  • Can sign into the cloud console
  • Can perform any action except those reserved for the Owner
  • Differentiated in the cloud console by the icon wearing a tie

Organization Owner

  • Exactly like an Organization Administrator, except:
  • The Owner cannot be deleted
  • Only the Owner can change the organization-wide settings
  • Only the Owner can specify a new Owner

External Administrator (a.k.a. Guest Administrator) 

  • This is an Administrator added to your organization who is already an Administrator in another organization
  • No license required (consumes no license-months)
  • Same cloud console rights as a regular Administrator
  • Not a Mobile User (cannot be deployed forms)
  • Differentiated in the cloud console by an icon with a different color of hair and tie than an Administrator 

Partner of Record

  • Optional, not required
  • Specified by the owner, at signup time or by request to the Formotus team
  • Can see certain information about your organization, such as license-months, number of users, and depletion date
  • Cannot sign into your account or make any changes, unless added as an External Administrator

Parent/Child Organizations

  • Some larger customers prefer to manage their Formotus service in several different organizations
  • One organization is specified as the Parent, the rest are Child organizations
  • The Parent can manage the license-months of the Child organizations by transferring license-months among them
  • Parent-child relationships can only be created by the Formotus team
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