Icon Guide

Here are some of the icons Formotus uses in our cloud console and in our mobile apps.

Cloud Console Icons

Forms Screen

Three icons indicate what type of form is in your form library:

Local forms and SharePoint forms are identical except for the location from which the InfoPath XSN file was uploaded. Local forms were uploaded from the local file location, SharePoint forms were uploaded from a SharePoint library where the XSN was published.

Workflow forms are an advanced type that behave differently. Instead of opening a blank new form, a workflow form opens a draft or 'job' in progress from a SharePoint library. Learn more about workflow forms >>

(In case you're wondering, the concept is that more people on the icon represents a higher level of collaboration.)

Users Screen

Three icons indicate three different kinds of users in your organization:

Mobile users do not have access to the cloud console. Administrators do have mobile user rights.

Guest administrators are external users who already belong to a different Formotus organization. There is no cost associated with having a guest administrator in your organization. You might add a guest user if your company is large and uses multiple Formotus organizations, or to let a Formotus partner or support person provide you with assistance.

Mobile App Icons

Below are icons that mobile users may encounter in the Formotus apps. Note that the Windows 8 app is designed differently and does not include these icons.

A note about the workflow icons. The mobile app does not reveal to the mobile user that SharePoint is involved. A job is really an InfoPath form instance (XML file) that has been submitted to a SharePoint form library. It's "waiting" if it's available to be "grabbed" -- which really means checked out from SharePoint.




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