Standard and custom SharePoint authentication


By default Formotus forms assume standard SharePoint authentication. Organizations that require federated authentication may therefore be unable to query or submit data to their SharePoint environments.

By ‘federated authentication’ we refer to using the SharePoint browser object (e.g. Office 365 login form) to enter user credentials.


The Formotus service now supports organizations whose data connections to SharePoint environments require federated authentication. This creates an enhanced security situation in that the Formotus app does not use or store the credentials but instead authorizes the user via a cookie received from SharePoint.


In order to use this solution, create a new organization (free trial) and submit a request for your new organization to be enabled for federated SharePoint credentials.

When an organization has federated SharePoint credentials enabled:

  1. Credentials embedded in the form using the Formotus cloud console are not supported when custom authentication is used.
  2. Every end user must enter credentials the first time any SharePoint data connection is used (after that the credentials will be remembered).
  3. The user will not be prompted for credentials when submitting a form while offline.
    • If valid credentials have been entered previously and the cookie has not expired, the item will be auto-sent when online.
    • If credentials have not previously been entered, the user will need to visit the Outbox while online to add the credentials.

Connect Using Custom Authentication

In the Formotus online creator, be sure to select the 'Custom Authentication' option when creating a data connection to SharePoint.

Some connections will require that you enter a List ID, which is the unique GUID of the list you are connecting to.

How to Find Your List ID

Navigate to your list in SharePoint and click List Settings. The List ID is found at the end of the URL in the browser address bar, where it looks something like this:{ADF6019C-85FA-4170-BF7B-CD1062F2FB2A}

You may be able to select and copy only the List ID (green text above) out of the URL and paste it into the field in Formotus. However, if you copy and paste the whole URL then the brackets and hyphens may be encoded like this:

In this case you need to omit the %7B and %7D {brackets} and replace each %2D with a hyphen.

Tip: You can also use a handy online tool like this one to extract the List ID from the whole URL.








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