Overview of the Forms Page

Applies to:
Online Form Creator; InfoPath Forms

The Forms page is where you see and manage all the forms in your account.This page manages both forms created in the online form creator and forms created by uploading InfoPath forms.

Actions you can perform on the Forms page include:

  • Start a new form
  • Export forms information to Excel
  • Search for a form by name or tag
  • Select forms to deploy or delete in bulk
  • Sort the forms by the column headings
  • Upgrade a form to to troubleshoot it (upgrading ensures the form is in sync with the latest release of the cloud console)

Form Properties

Select a form to see its properties panel appear on the right:

On this panel you can do the following:

  • Send a support request to Formotus that includes your form (top left button)
  • Configure the form settings (top right button)
  • Click Design to open the form in the form creator (unless it started as InfoPath)
  • Click Deploy to deploy to form to users and groups in Formotus Pro
  • Click Links to create and copy links to open the form in Formotus Now
  • Click Export to save the form as a local .fms file (unless it started as InfoPath)
  • View the history of published versions, and open an earlier version (or download it's InfoPath .xsn file)



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