Walk-through: Creating Your First Form

The Formotus online form creation environment is new as of July, 2016. We're adding features rapidly, so use the feedback button in the form creator to tell us what you think.


Here are the steps to creating a simple form. (If you just want the steps and not the explanations, follow the ➤ arrows.)

First steps to create a simple form

➤ From the Dashboard or Forms page, click New Form.


➤ Choose Create a New Form to get started with the beta preview:

There are quick-start options under Templates, but for now let's start a form from scratch.

➤ Enter a name for your new form and click Create Form.

The creator screen

The first screen will look something like this:

For a screen tour, see Overview of the Online Creator

Add a Heading control with a logo image

➤ Under Controls click Basic to expand the options.

➤ Click the top control, Heading, to insert a heading at the top of the form.

➤ Then select the heading control in the center pane canvas:


The settings for the control appear on the left:

Heading Settings

Notice the checkbox at the bottom that lets you add an image, such as a logo, as part of the heading.

➤ Mark the checkbox Include Header Image.

➤ Click Upload a File and insert whatever logo or image you want in your heading.

➤ Change the size of the image if you want.

➤ Add and format any heading and subheading text you want.

➤ Click Apply.


In the screen below our logo has been added and resized to be smaller, and heading and subheading text has been added and formatted. But none of these settings are reflected in the center pane yet because the Apply button has not been clicked.

Important: Changes to control settings are not shown or preserved until you click Apply.


After you click Apply your changes are displayed in the center pane:


➤ When finished with the control, click the Back Arrow to close the properties pane and return to the controls list.

➤ Click Save and Publish to save your changes to the form. The changes will be available immediately to users of your form.

Important: Applying changes to the view does NOT save the changes to the form. You must click the Save and Publish button to make the changes permanent. We recommend that you Save and Publish whenever you finish working on a control.

Add a Camera control with drawing feature

Next we'll add a Camera control from the Fancy list:


➤ Click Camera

➤ Select the Camera Control in the center pane to display its settings on the left:


➤ Mark the Annotation checkbox to add inking capability to the camera control.


➤ Change the label text to anything you want.

➤ Click Apply, then Back, then Save and Publish.

Add Radio buttons

➤ Click Radio Button on the left, then click on the control in the center pane.

➤ Change the Label text on the left to something like "Choose a continent"

➤ Down under Items, select Predefined List from the dropdown.

➤ Choose the Continents predefined list. Notice that after adding it, you can add or remove continents from the list.


➤ From the Layouts dropdown, select Three Column.


➤ Click Apply, then Back, then Save and Publish.

Add an email submit button

➤ Under Buttons on the controls list, click Submit, then select the button in the middle pane.

➤ Label and style the button any way you want. Click Apply to see the styling, then Save and Publish to save the styling.

➤ Under Submit To click the dropdown then click + Data Destination.


A form can have multiple submit buttons and multiple data destinations. These can be created here or in the right pane under Data. If you already have data destinations they will be available to choose in this dropdown.

➤ In the Create New Data Destination dialog that pops up, select Email and click Next.

➤ Name the data connection you are creating in the Name textbox. This will let you choose it from a dropdown in the future.

➤ Enter text in the boxes for To, Subject, Body Message, and Attachment Name (which will name the PDF file attachment).

➤ Click Apply, then Back, then Save and Publish.

Note: Additional email settings can be found on the Forms page. Select the form then click the Settings gear on the right.

Preview and test in Formotus Pro

To preview and test your form you’ll use the Formotus Pro app.

First-time setup

➤ Install Formotus Pro from the store on your iOS, Android or Windows device.

➤ Log into Formotus Pro using your Formotus credentials, and see all your published forms.


Now whenever you click Save and Publish a form update will be pushed to your app automatically. Just install the update and open the form to test it.

Note: Before you can install a form update in Formotus Pro you’ll need to delete any previous drafts of the form. Press and hold on the draft for the menu to delete.

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    Fred W.

    So in order for someone to fill out the form they have to download and install an app on their phone? Is there any way to submit the form with a desktop computer?

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