Release notes/Development roadmap


Jan 30, 2020 (14.2)

  • New layout control: Grid Control
  • New functionality for Repeating Section advanced control: row merging 
  • New functionality on iOS platform: support 2 queries on same button
  • Improved Formotus Pro app toast messages on iOS platform
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Dec 13, 2019 (14.1)

  • New and improved  Formotus Pro and Formotus Now apps for Windows platform built on Windows10 SDK
  • New functionality for Formotus Now on all 3 platforms: My Links page
  • Improvements for Formotus Pro UI on iOS platforms
  • Updates for Repeating Section Control
  • Added localization for Chinese, Indonesian and Russian for mobile apps on all 3 platforms
  • New funtionality for text box control: add custom CSS
  • UI improvements for Formotus portal - new and improved icons
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Oct 17, 2019 (14.0)

  • New and improved  Formotus Pro and Formotus Now apps for Windows platform - see Beta version in the Windows store
  • New and improved Formotus Pro UI for Android and iOS platforms
  • New functionality for Android and iOS platforms: submit to email using Formotus web service
  • New functionality in creator: re-arrange promoted fields to Google Sheets
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Sep 04, 2019 (13.9)

  • New functionality for iOS platform : Google Drive submit in offline mode
  • New functionality: enabled option to Edit credentials in Outbox folder for Google Drive and OneDrive submit
  • New functionality for Android platform: save pictures taken from Formotus forms into Formotus dedicated folder
  • Windows app improvements for Barcode control
  • Improvements for Google Drive folder selection in creator: replaced text box containing URL with drop down list 
  • Versioning error when multiple users are trying to edit same creator template
  • Formotus Now: users list now available
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Jul 22, 2019 (13.8)

  • Significant improvements to Zendesk integration

Jun 27, 2019 (13.7)

  • New functionality for Repeating Media creator control : option to access the uploaded pictures from within the form by selecting the thumbnail
  • New Formotus creator functionality: allow having Camera control inside Repeating Section control
  • Improvements for the Formotus template forms
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

May 09, 2019 (13.6)

  • New functionality for Repeating Section creator control : option to add grid inside the control
  • Mobile app improvement: dismissed login screen if user checks option to save login credentials
  • Improvement when installing updates for creator workflow forms
  • Updated placeholder for controls using camera
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Mar 14, 2019 (13.5)

  • New Formotus creator control: Repeating Media - supports picture and video uploads to various backends
  • New Formotus creator functionality: upload Media Control files to OneDrive 
  • New Formotus creator functionality: change field bindings for controls in the form
  • Improved Formotus creator functionality: diffDays function - calculates difference between 2 dates AND the difference in seconds between 2 timestamps
  • New Formotus creator functionality: hide action now available for Display Value, Display Picture, Camera, Annotation and Signature controls
  • Improvements to Radio Button control - more properties available: font, size, weight 
  • UI improvements for iPhone X
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Jan 24, 2019 (13.4)

  • New functionality for iOS and Android platforms: prevent actions if device has no internet connectivity
  • New Formotus creator functionality: Submit to OneDrive
  • New Formotus creator functionality: submit multiple items to a SharePoint list
  • New Formotus creator functionality: added support for mod function
  • New Formotus creator functionality: diffDays function - calculates difference between 2 dates
  • New Formotus creator functionality: Promote All option now available in data connection wizard
  • New creator functionality: added support for Match Pattern function 
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Nov 29, 2018 (13.3)

  • New functionality for all platforms: workflow forms for Google Drive
  • New functionality: support for Formotus syntax to open existing instances from OneDrive
  • New creator functionality: header and footer customization for the generated PDF 
  • Deprecated functionality: sending SMS from within the form
  • Improvements for Android 7 OS
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Oct 11, 2018 (13.2)

  • New functionality: filter data from Google and Salesforce query
  • New functionality: submit new and updated items to Salesforce 
  • New functionality on Android platform: print option directly from the Formotus app menu
  • New functionality on Windows platform: refresh All/Update All data connections
  • New functionality: text box input font settings
  • Added French localisation on iOS and Android platforms
  • More actions recorded in the Dashboard for workflow forms: discard item, edit item
  • Improvements to repeating section control in creator: added option to remove sections, option to remove item no, option to remove associated data connection
  • Protecting creator forms from simultaneous editing
  • Form creator UI improvements 
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

Jun 14, 2018 (13.1)

  • New form creator functionality: REST Web service query
  • New form creator functionality: deployments available from the form
  • New form creator feature: Formotus user list available 
  • New functionality: capture GPS coordinates automatically on form load
  • Improvements for the portal and form creator UI 
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

May 08, 2018 (13.0)

  • New functionality: Google Sign In
  • New functionality: ability to install form updates when it has drafts and outbox items 
  • New form creator feature: duplicate page
  • New payment feature: recurring invoicing for Enterprise plan
  • New form creator feature: display fields XPATH
  • Improvements for the portal and form creator UI 
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

March 29, 2018 (12.9)

  • New form creator feature: Zapier data connection 
  • New form creator feature: Hyperlink control
  • New functionality for Formotus Pro mobile app: Contact Administrator option
  • New form creator feature: Create Formotus Now home page shortcut/tile to forms
  • More actions are now being recorded under User Activity in the Dashboard: created draft, deleted draft, duplicated draft, edit submit/query credentials; draft name for each recorded action
  • UI updates for registration page
  • UI updates for Formotus Now
  • Improvements for the portal and form creator UI 
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

February 8, 2018 (12.8)

  • New form creator feature: WebService submit 
  • New form creator feature: query Google sheets
  • New iOS functionality: offline submit for federated authentication
  • New form creator functionality: Exit draft and Delete draft buttons
  • New form creator feature: read-only property for text boxes 
  • New functionality for creator forms: quick re-upload using Optional/Required Upgrade option in the list of forms
  • Changed format for validation pop-ups - iOS platform
  • Improvements for the portal and form creator UI 
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

December 14, 2017 (12.7)

  • New form creator functionality: workflow forms
  • Promote pictures to Google Sheets folder
  • Submit PDF file to SharePoint - iOS platform
  • New power function for InfoPath forms - calculates exponential
  • Read/Preserve EXIF data for pictures from outside Formotus
  • Option to sign in to Google Sheets in the app Settings - iOS platform
  • Improvement and fixes for Repeating Photo creator control
  • Small UI modifications in the form creator for improving user experience
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

October 2, 2017 (12.6)

  • New form creator advanced control: Zendesk Ticket
  • New form creator advanced control: Checkbox List
  • New form creator functionality: query SOAP web services
  • New form creator functionality: drag and drop for creator controls
  • New form creator functionality for Repeating Photo control in the PDF view: insert page break after a selected number of pictures
  • New form creator functionality: add items to a SharePoint list
  • New form creator functionality: fields inside Repeating Section control can now be promoted to SharePoint libraries and to Google Sheets
  • New form creator functionality: parameterized queries for scenario where the filter is a value from a field in the form
  • Android: PDF and HTML files can be saved on SD card along with the XML
  • Android: Default resolution for photos has been set to 480 x 640
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

June 6 & 27, 2017 (12.5)

  • Basic plan subscription now available at no cost
  • Team plan added larger user packages 
  • Repeating Photo control submit to SharePoint picture library
  • Binding from an external data source to a repeating section (form creator)
  • Parameterized queries for data connectors (form creator)

April 18, 2017 (12.4)

  • Query data from Salesforce (form creator)
  • Cached queries (form creator)
  • Business logic for repeating sections (form creator)

March 21, 2017 (12.3)

  • New control: Repeating section (form creator)
  • New feature: Cascading drop-downs supported (form creator)
  • Layout and sizing adjustments to Annotation, Camera, and Location controls (form creator)
  • Assorted improvements and fixes

January 26, 2017 (12.2)

  • Note: This release requires InfoPath forms to be upgraded (click the red buttons on the Forms page).
  • New feature: Custom authentication supported in form creator for federated authentication
  • Issue with default pictures being overwritten (Windows app)
  • Issues with inserting items in repeating controls (InfoPath forms)
  • Issue with querying SharePoint (form creator)
  • Issue with GPS in repeating photos (Windows app/form creator)

December 6, 2016 (12.1)

  • New feature: Repeating Photo control (form creator)
  • New feature: 'Disable' rule supported on custom button (form creator)
  • New feature: 'Hide' action supported in rules (form creator)
  • Assorted issues and bug fixes


Recently Released Features

  • Query data from Salesforce (form creator)
  • Cached queries (form creator)
  • Repeating sections (form creator)
  • Cascading dropdowns (form creator)
  • Custom authentication for federated authentication (form creator)
  • Repeating photo control (form creator)
  • More rules support: hide, disable controls (form creator)
  • Add items to a SharePoint list (form creator)
  • Zendesk ticket control (form creator)
  • Checkbox List control (form creator)

Features under Development

  • JSON support (form creator)
  • Improved signature control (form creator)
  • Query data from Google Sheets
  • Promote pictures to Google Sheets
  • Submit data to Salesforce 

Features on the Roadmap

  • Windows app redesign
  • Workflow functionality for creator forms




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