How to use a Dropdown control


The Dropdown control has many uses and can be customized to fit your Formotus mobile business forms specific requirements.  Dropdowns are convenient controls that allow the mobile user to select a value from a customizable list or data source. 


After adding a Dropdown control into your form, select it to see the Properties options appear in the left pane.  Under Items will be three options to Choose how you want to add your list: Custom List, Predefined List, and Data Source.


1. Custom Lists

Custom Lists allow you to create your own list of values for your dropdown.  When editing your Custom List, you can type any value for the Display Name and Field Value.  There are + and - buttons for adding or removing any values in the dropdown. Typically, your Display Name and Field Value will be the same unless the Display Name contains a lot of text.  You can also select which value you'd like to be the default.  This value will automatically be selected when the form is open.


2. Predefined Lists

You can choose from a Predefined List of dropdown options to fill your control.  These Predefined Lists are made available to make it easy for you to easily populate a Dropdown control without having to enter the values yourself.  After selecting a Predefined List, the dropdown will automatically create a list specific to your option.  This Predefined List can also be edited if required.


3. Data Source

You can also query a Data Source to populate Dropdown controls in your form, but it works a bit differently than the first two options. You must have a query data source added into your form before you can use this option.  For more information about setting up a query data source and connecting it to a Dropdown, please see the following articles: 

How to Query a SharePoint list

How to Query from a Google Sheet


4. Registered Users (Coming Soon)

We've added a great new feature to easily include a list of your users in a Dropdown control.  This is very easy to accomplish; add a Dropdown in your form, select it to show it's Properties, and choose the Registered users option.  On your device (after saving and updating your form), the Dropdown will contain all of your users names.

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