How to use the Checkbox List control


The Checkbox List Control allows you to select multiple checkboxes at a time.  This is useful in a scenario where the user has the option to select any values that apply, for example, in a survey or questionnaire.  In this example, I will use a Checkbox List Control for users to select which continents they have been to from a predefined list.

How to use a Checkbox List control

Step 1: Add the Control into your form

In the left pane of the form creator, find and select the Checkbox List Control to insert it into your form. 


Step 2: Customize the Checkbox List

Select the inserted Checkbox List Control to view its properties.  Here you can customize the Control in a variety of ways. 



You can use either a Predefined or Custom List to populate your Checkbox List Control.  For this example, I will use a Predefined List to save time from manually editing a Custom List.  


Below you will see I changed the Label, the Layout to 2 columns, and used the continents option for my Predefined List to populate the control. 


Note: I chose North America to be selected by default.  This means that every time the form is opened, North America will be checked automatically. 

Step 3: Using the Checkbox List Control on your device

Once your Checkbox List Control looks the way you’d like, you can Save & Publish your form to see how it appears on your device.  In this example, the user can select any continent to indicate which ones they have visited.


The screen shot above shows what the Control looks like on a device with some of the values selected.


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