How to use the Repeating Section control


The Repeating Section Control lets you nest multiple controls within it, while giving you the option to insert multiple rows of data. 

How to use a Repeating Section Control

Step 1: Add the Repeating Section control into your form

In the left pane of the form creator, find and select the Repeating Section Control to insert it into your form. 


Step 2: Customize the Repeating Section Control


Select the inserted Repeating Section Control to view its Properties.  Here you can customize the control any way you’d like.  In my example, I will change the Layout and Max number of items, along with the Labels.

Layout – You can use 1, 2, or 3 columns of controls within your Repeating Section (I will use 2). 

Max number of items – Depending on your scenario, you can specify the maximum number of items/rows you’d like the mobile users add into the repeating section.  If using Unlimited, keep in mind that overfilling a form with many controls within a Repeating Section can affect the performance of the form.  When filling the form out on a device, the user will not be able to insert any rows when they reach the Max number of items.

Choosing 1 item/row maximum will disable the repeating functionality, but will allow you to use the Control to create a table or grid to organize your Controls.

Step 3. Add controls into the Repeating Section Control


You add controls to your Repeating Section by selecting the plus (+) signs. This will launch a popup of the Controls that you can then insert into the Repeating Section (as seen below).


Once Controls are added to the Repeating Section, you can select and edit them. Pictured below is my example of a simple inspection.  I added 4 different controls into my Repeating Section, which will show in each row.

Once your Repeating Section Control is complete, you can Save & Publish your form to see how it looks on your device.  In my example below, the user can enter the necessary information for the various rooms by adding multiple rows to the Repeating Section.

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    Julio Montiel Silva

    Excelent Tutorial! It really helps to understand the logic far beyond the use of the control!

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