How to use the Zendesk control


You can add a Zendesk Ticket Control into your form to give mobile users the ability to easily create support tickets.  By submitting a ticket using Zendesk Ticket Control within a form, the Formotus support team receives your inquiry with your details about the issue and your blank form template.  Providing our support team with as much information as possible will help us investigate issues quickly.  You can also add a photo or screenshot within the control to give a visual aid.


Step 1: Add a Zendesk Ticket Control into your form

You will find the Zendesk Ticket Control under the Advanced Controls tab as seen below.  Select the Control to add it into your form.


Step 2: Connect to Zendesk

Select the Zendesk Ticket Control you added into your form to view the control’s properties.  Here you’ll see the option to select the CONNECT TO ZENDESK button. 


Select the CONNECT TO ZENDESK button to prompt the connection wizard as seen below


Subdomain: Enter your subdomain that can connect to Zendesk

Email: Provide an email to communicate with our support team

API Token: Copy and paste an API token.  For help generating an API token, select the Learn more link

Once the 3 textboxes are filled out, select the CONNECT button to connect your account, and the DONE button to complete the wizard.

SAVE & PUBLISH your form and you are now ready to submit tickets using the Zendesk Ticket Control from your device.

Below is an example of how the Zendesk Ticket Control will look on your device.


Subject and Description are required fields.  You must enter information for at least those 2 fields to be able to submit the ticket.

For Type, you have the option to pick Problem, Incident, Question, or Task

You can label your ticket with a Priority level: Urgent, High, Normal, Low

Also, you have the option to take a Photo or leave a screenshot and annotate on it if you’d like.

Selecting Submit tickets will submit your ticket directly to the Formotus support system where it will be visible to the Formotus support team.  Your issue will be investigated and we will do whatever we can to resolve your issues as quickly as we can.  After submitting your ticket, the version of the Zendesk Ticket Control you filled out will disappear, leaving you more space in your form.



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