How to query data from Salesforce

Applies to: Online Creator

If you have a Salesforce account, you can query the data from a Salesforce view into your Formotus form.

Create a Salesforce Data Source:

  1. Open a form in the Formotus online form creator.
  2. In the Data pane on the right, select the Query tab.
  3. Click +Data Source.
  4. In the popup wizard select Salesforce, and click Next.
  5. Give the data connection a useful Name such as "Salesforce Query". 


Salesforce account information:

Enter credentials for your Salesforce account to establish a connection. In addition to a User Name and Password, you'll need a Security Token. (You can click Where can I find my security token? for more information on the Salesforce site.

Query information:

Select Query data on load if you want the form to retrieve data when it is first opened. Otherwise your form ill need a user button to initiate a query.

Select Offline cache if you want users to be able to use previously queried data while they are offline.

Select Attach credentials if you want all users to query using the credentials supplied above. Otherwise users will be prompted for their own credentials and the security token.

Note: Mobile users will not need the security token when they enter their Salesforce credentials if the Formotus server IP address ( is entered as a trusted IP address. More information >


After you click Connect, you can choose which Salesforce view you want to query from the Views dropdown list. Then you can select which data fields to query for in the Fields display area.

Note: Best practice is to do any data filtering you need by creating a view in Salesforce. This can improve performance by reducing the amount of data downloaded to the device. 

Click Done to complete the data connection for use in your form.



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