How to submit to multiple data destinations


Submitting to multiple Data Destinations is possible by adding a Custom Button into your form.  This is useful if you plan on submitting your form to multiple destinations.  Using Custom Button also reduces the number of actions a mobile user must take to submit a form draft.  A regular Submit button will only submit to one destination, but Custom buttons can be configured with rules to submit to multiple destinations. In this example, two Data Destinations have already been added into my form; one to email, and the other to SharePoint (Shown below). 

It is recommended to have the Data Destinations created before adding a Custom button since they will be needed when configuring the button. Click the links to learn how to submit to email, SharePoint, and/or Google. 




Steps to take in your form:

  1. Create multiple Data Destinations to submit to
  2. Add a Custom button control into your form
  3. Add submit rules to the Custom button 

The Custom button control is found under the Buttons control tab, and when inserted, it reads ‘Text’ as default.  I will change the name of the button to 'Submit' in the Properties of the control.



To add rules to the Custom button, select the Logic tab, and the New Rule button.  In this example, I will create two submit Rules, one for each Data Destination; email and SharePoint.



For the Rules, there must be a submit action specifying a Data Destination. After selecting the New Rule button, there will be an Action dropdown under DO THIS where you can select Submit Data.  This means, when the Custom button is selected, the Action will be to submit.  Then choose a Data Destination in the From dropdown before saving the Rule.  This process can be repeated with a new Rule so the Custom button will have multiple submit actions with different submit Data Destinations. There is no need to add any Conditions under Edit Rule in order to set up the Custom button to submit.



When finished, there will be multiple submit Rules added to the Custom button as shown below.  


Remember to select the green SAVE & PUBLISH button to save and update the form to mobile devices. When data in this form is submitted from a mobile device, the data will be sent in email and submitted to SharePoint.



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