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Formotus forms can be submitted through email as an attached, customizable PDF.  The recipient email address can be specified either when creating a +DATA DESTINATION within the form, or you can create your form to allow the mobile user to enter any email address they want.  This functionality allows users to send their completed form drafts as a PDF through email whether online or offline. When forms are submitted offline by email, they do not stay in the outbox of the Formotus app.  Instead, they go to the outbox of the email application on the user’s device. 

How to add an Email Data Destination

While building a form, you will see a +DATA DESTINATION button on the right side of the screen under the Submit tab.

Select +DATA DESTINATION for the destination options to open



Next, select Email and Next to prompt the email wizard


  • Name: Give your email data destination a name, for example, Email Submit.
  • To: CC: BCC: Enter an email address(es) to submit the form to. You can also enter a Field name for To: if the user of the form will decide the recipient of the email.  For example, you can have a textbox where the user can type in an email to send to, or a drop-down to select the appropriate email address.  In this case, instead of entering an email address for To:, you would enter the Field name of the text box or drop-down.  The Field name can be found in the control Properties after selecting it in your form (ex. =textbox1


  • Subject: Give the email a subject name recipients will see
  • Body Message: Add a message explaining the email if desired
  • Attachment Name: Name the attachment (PDF) being sent
  • Use this destination to submit from the device menu: If your form does not have a Submit button, selecting this check box means it can be submitted form the device’s menu options. This would be the only way a user could submit if the form does not have a Submit button.  Also if selected, what happens to the form after submit
  • What happens to the form after submit: This function can only be changed if doing so for the default data destination.


Select the Done button to complete the +DATA DESTINATION.  The form can now be submitted to the specified emails using the menu option submit on a mobile device.

* Remember to select the Apply button and SAVE & PUBLISH your form to update it on the user’s mobile devices after making any changes.

RECOMMENDED: Add a Submit button in your form and connect the email data destination so users can select the button to submit. 

How to add a Submit button:

  • Find the Submit button control under the Buttons tab. 
  • Once a Submit button is added in your form, select it to open its control Properties
  • There will be an option to Submit to, where the email data destination can be selected. 


Once you have added a data destination in your form, you can manage the attachments in the Configuration options.  To do this, find your form on the Forms page and select the check box.  Additional form information and options will appear to the right of the screen, including the Configuration wheel highlighted below.


From here, you can select what attachments you'd like to add to your form; XML, HTML, and/or PDF.  There are separate options for PDF with iOS and Android/Windows because Android and Windows can be further customized.  For example, the Orientation, Paper Size, and Margins can be altered to fit your specific PDF needs.


Also, if you have dedicated a specific page to be an email or print view, you can select it in the drop-down labeled Email/Print view.






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