How to customize your PDF


Adding a PDF page in your form allows you to customize how your PDF will look when it is submitted.  It is highly recommended to wait until your form is entirely complete before editing your PDF page.  This way, you ensure all of your controls and fields will appear in your PDF.


After building your form, customize your PDF by selecting the PDF button. 

On the PDF page, select the PDF button dropdown to see the list of pages you can include in your PDF.  Choose what page(s) you want to add to your PDF, select ADD, and all of your fields will appear in the PDF page.  

If you're unhappy with your PDF page and want to start over, you can select the CLEAR VIEW button to delete everything and restart with a blank PDF page.

You can organize your PDF by moving or deleting controls to your preference.  Simply select a control and use the Trash icon to delete, or Move icon to drag controls up or down. Note: Deleting fields from the PDF view will not affect them in the regular pages.


You will notice that many controls, including Textboxes, Dropdowns, Date, and Camera controls, are changed to Display Value or Display Picture controls.  This is because they are more uniform and easier to organize for your PDF as display controls.  Controls like Radio Buttons or Checkboxes stay the same as they are on regular pages.



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