How to query from a SharePoint list


Query from a SharePoint list allows you to retrieve items from a list on a SharePoint server. This data will prepopulate the mobile forms when they are opened by the mobile users. 


Step 1: To query data from SharePoint list you need to start by adding a data source to your form. You can do that by clicking on the Data tab on the right side of your screen. You will see two tabs Submit and Query. Click on Query and then click the +DATA SOURCE button to add your data connector. 


Step 2: After clicking the +DATA SOURCE button, a window will display on your screen with a list of sources you can query from. Please select the SharePoint tab and click NEXT at the bottom of the window.


Step 3: On the new window you will need to fill in the information necessary to set up the connection with the SharePoint server. Below is an overview of the fields that need to be configured:


  1. Name: You can create any name you like for the data connector in your form. 2 guidelines for the data connector name: special characters (such as @, #, $, %, &, +) are not supported; the name cannot contain a blank space. Example of names you can use: List_1, List_2 etc.
  2. Query from: You can query from either a SharePoint library or a SharePoint list. In this example we are querying from a list so please select SharePoint List.
  3. SharePoint URL: Paste your SharePoint URL here, make sure that it is a SharePoint list URL. 
  4. Authentication: There are 2 authentication methods to select from Standard or Custom. Choosing Standard requires you to add the credentials for your SharePoint server. Custom authentication does not require any credentials.  This setting requires that the Federated Login option to be activated on your SharePoint account. Learn more about Standard and custom SharePoint authentication
  5. Query on load: This option for your form will trigger a query when the mobile user opens it.  This query will prompt the mobile user for credentials to the SharePoint server when the form is opened. Make sure to check this option if you don't have a query button.
  6. Offline Cache: Caching data in your form will improve the performance of your forms when your mobile users are working offline without a connection to your data stores.  The data is cached and can be refreshed by the mobile user manually when they have network connectivity. 
  7. Attach credentials: Attaching user credentials does not prompt the mobile user for credentials. All information will be encrypted in the form.
  8. Configuration: In this section you can select the SharePoint columns that you want to push to your form. If you selected Standard authentication then the columns will be displayed in the table.
  9. If you selected Custom authentication then you have to provide the List id and add the columns manually.

Click DONE to set up the connection. You can see that the connector has been added on the right side panel under the Data|Query tab.




Step 4: After adding the data connector, you can populate the selected columns within a control. Please add a dropdown control and under the Items section on the left side properties panel select Data source and click EDIT DATA SOURCE

A window will be displayed on your screen. In Data source dropdown, please select the SharePoint list you added List_1 and then select the column you want to populate in the dropdown.


Click SAVE and close the window.

Click SAVE & PUBLISH to deploy the form on your device and test it. 




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