How to download a copy of an FMS or XSN template


In order for our engineering team to troubleshoot some issues it is helpful to have access to your Formotus form.  You can download the FMS file (Formotus creator form) or the XSN file (Formotus form created with InfoPath) of a Formotus form.   


While logged into the Formotus portal, select the Forms page and find your form.  Select the form's checkbox to reveal the configuration options that will appear on the right side of the page.

Creator Forms

If you select a Creator form, the option to Download will appear on the Forms page as shown.  This is the easiest way to download your Creator form, but all of the options in this article below apply.


Creator / InfoPath Forms

With your form selected, look for the links under Last updated: which will show the dates of the most recent versions of your form (pictured below in red border).  Click on the most recent version and it will automatically download to your machine.  [A new link will appear each time the form has been saved and published in the Formotus creator while building your form.  A new link also appears whenever a new version of your form has been uploaded.]



Note: All versions of your form are saved and can be accessed or downloaded by selecting the View all link (pictured above in red border with dates). This is called Form History; pictured below is an example of the popup that appears when clicking on the View all link.



After downloading a copy of your form, you can upload it by taking these steps:


  1. Navigate to New Form page
  2. Select Create a new form
  3. Select the Upload tab
  4. Select Choose a file Browse for your form
  5. Select Create Form button


  1. Navigate to New Form Page
  2. Select InfoPath form
  3. Keep Upload from Computer selected
  4. Select Choose a file and browse for form
  5. Select Upload Form button


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