How to attach credentials in your Formotus form


If your Formotus form is connected to a data source to retrieve or submit data, the mobile user will be prompted to add their credentials unless you attach the credentials in the form when you create it. Attaching credentials in the form is more convenient for the mobile user, and since the mobile user cannot read the encrypted credentials, it is a more secure way to allow mobile users to submit data to your servers.

Note: If you are using custom authentication for the mobile clients, attaching credentials is not necessary.


Attaching credentials is simple. There are three ways to accomplish this while creating your form.

Method 1: After adding the data connector, please check the Attach credentials check box under the Query information section. This option allows you to attach the credentials associated with the data connector.


After checking the Attach credentials option, the credentials used will be added to the form settings. On the right side panel, please click the Settings tab. Under the Settings/General tabs expand the Attach credentials section, you should view your attached credentials. You can edit or delete the credentials by selecting the URL and clicking the edit or delete icons. 


Method 2: Another way to attach credentials is by adding them in the form settings. You can do that by navigating to the Settings/General sections on the right panel and clicking the ADD CREDENTIALS button under the Attached credentials section. The window below will be displayed on your screen. 


  1. URL: You can choose to copy/paste the URL of your data connector here or you can click the data icon and select from the list of data connectors you already added to your form.
  2. User Name/Password: You have to add credentials that have access to the data connector, they can be your credentials or another user's credentials.
  3. Verify credentials: Before clicking the ADD button, it is recommended that you verify these credentials to see if they are valid.

[Please note: the Formotus portal cannot verify credentials for servers that are not publicly accessible or that use custom authentication.]

When you are done, please click ADD and your credentials will be attached in the form. Please note you will have to click SAVE & PUBLISH to save all your work. 

Method 3: You can also add the credentials from the form settings in the forms page. To do that, please select the form and click on the Settings icon on the right panel.


In the Settings page, please click ADD button in the Attached credentials section. A window will be displayed on your screen where you will have to add the SharePoint credentials information:

  1. URL: You will have to copy and paste the Url here
  2. Credentials: Type the user credentials that you want to include in the form
  3. Verify: Verify the credentials to make sure that they are valid.

[Please note: the Formotus portal cannot verify credentials for servers that are not publicly accessible or that use custom authentication.]

Click ADD and close the window.



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