How to upload Repeating Media files


If you are using a Repeating Media control in your form, you have the option of uploading photos and video to a SharePoint Picture LibraryGoogle Folder, or a OneDrive Folder


Start by adding a Repeating Media control to your form by clicking on it from the Controls panel on the left side of the screen. 

After adding the control to your form, select it to show the Properties panel to the left side of the screen. The Repeating Media control always allows the ability to upload photos, but you also have the option upload videos.  You will notice there is a checkbox for Video files under Include, and by default, it is deselected.  If you select the Video files option, you are allowed to upload a video file up to 8MB from iOS and 10MB from Android or Windows devices.

The Repeating Media control requires an upload destination for your form to work properly.  Viewing the Properties of the control, select ADD DESTINATION.


A new window will appear and give you 3 destination options: SharePoint Picture Library, Google Folder, and OneDrive Folder

SharePoint Picture Library

Copy and paste your Sharepoint Picture Library URL in the URL field and enter SharePoint credentials to CONNECT to your library.  After connecting your URL to your credentials, select what library you'd like to submit to in the Select picture library dropdown.

Note that the mobile user will be prompted for credentials once they open the form on their device. If you want to avoid this make sure to attach the credentials in the form.

SAVE & PUBLISH your work before exiting. 


Please make sure that the link you are adding ends with /thumbnails.aspx  (e.g https://MySharePoint/MyLibrary/forms/thumbnails.aspx) and that the SharePoint library you are uploading to is a Picture Library. Please refer to this article released by Microsoft for more help on creating a Picture Library.

Google Folder

To upload to Google, all you need is your folder URL, but it must be editable.  In Google Drive, right click on the folder you want to upload your media to.  Then select Get Shareable Link, and Sharing Settings.  In the next window (shown below), instead of can view, choose can edit, and select Done.  

Next, paste the copied link for the Google Folder Url, and you're all set.  Your mobile users will be asked to enter Google credentials when uploading media to the Google folder.

OneDrive Folder

To upload to OneDrive, you only need to create a path for your media files.  The example shown in the window is /Documents/MyDataFiles, where MyDataFiles is the name of the folder.  A new folder will be created in your OneDrive documents for whatever name you give your folder.  When you or your users try uploading media from their device, there will be a prompt to enter OneDrive credentials.  Once the credentials are entered, your media will be uploaded to the OneDrive location.






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