How to submit to a SharePoint library


Formotus mobile forms can be submitted to a SharePoint library for data storage.  You can also organize the data in your SharePoint library by promoting fields from your Formotus form. Before you begin setting up the SharePoint submit data connector, we recommend you watch this brief video that will walk you through the steps below.


Step 1. In your Formotus form, in the right pane of your screen, select +DATA DESTINATION under the Submit tab. 


Step 2: Select SharePoint library as the new data destination, followed by the NEXT button.


Step 3. Complete the SharePoint library data destination

  1. Name: You can create any name you like for the data connector in your Formotus form.
  2. SharePoint URL: Paste your SharePoint URL here; make sure that it is a SharePoint library URL.
  3. Authentication: There are 2 authentication methods to select from Standard or Custom. Choosing Standard authentication requires you to add the credentials for your SharePoint server.  Custom authentication does not require any credentials.  However, if you choose this setting, it requires that the Federated Login option needs to be activated on your SharePoint account. (Learn more about Standard and Custom SharePoint authentication.)
  4. CONNECT: Enter your SharePoint credentials that have access to the specified SharePoint library and select CONNECT. This connects you to your SharePoint library, allowing you to select the desired library in the Select library dropdown.
  5. Attach credentials: Attaching user credentials (learn how to attach credentials here) in your form eliminates the need for mobile users to enter SharePoint credentials on their device. The credentials are encrypted in the Formotus mobile form, so none of your mobile users will be able to see what the credentials are.
  6. File name: You have the freedom to customize the File name or leave it as the default name, which will have the name of the Formotus form and a timestamp.
  7. Allow to overwrite if the file exists: Checking this box will cause a draft of a Formotus form that is submitted with the same name as an existing Formotus form with the same name to overwrite the existing file.  The recommended best practice is to check this box.
  8. Use this destination to submit from device menu: Checking this box will allow mobile users to submit to this data destination from the Formotus mobile client software on the users' device (Android, iOs, Windows) menu. [Note:  Although, users can submit forms from the Formotus mobile app's device menu, Formotus strongly recommends including a Submit button in all forms to improve usability for your mobile users.]
  9. Upload PDF: You can upload a PDF version of your Formotus form to the SharePoint library of your choice.  To do this, select the Upload PDF checkbox and copy/paste your SharePoint document library in the textbox.  After submitting your form, you will find the PDFs at the specified SharePoint URL.
  10. What happens to the form after submit: Select what action you’d prefer after the form has been submitted off a mobile device. Submitted form options include; Close, Keep Open or Open New.  Typically, you would keep Close selected.  This dropdown will be read-only unless the checkbox Use this destination to submit from device menu is selected.
  11. Mapping Options / PROMOTE FIELDS: This optional function allows you to set mapping and promote fields in your SharePoint library. The fields you choose to promote will show as columns in your SharePoint library. Pictured below is an example of how the promoted fields translate to columns in SharePoint.  You can see form fields Name, Inspection_Site, and Job_Completed show with the same labels in the SharePoint library once a completed draft is submitted from a mobile user's device.                       


SharePoint Library (pictured below)


[Note: The Formotus Now app icon in the SharePoint window above. When you click on the Formotus Now app icon, a draft of the completed Formotus form will open on your device.  Please make sure that you have the Formotus Now app downloaded onto your device, and that your account has app-clicks available.]

Select the Done button to complete the data destination.  The form can now be submitted to the specified SharePoint library using the menu option submit on a mobile device.


* Remember to select the Apply button and SAVE & PUBLISH your form which will update it on the mobile users' devices after you have made your changes.

RECOMMENDED BEST PRACTICE: Add a Submit button in your form and connect the SharePoint library data destination so users can select the button to submit. 

How to add a Submit button:

  • Find the Submit button control under the Buttons 
  • Once a Submit button is added in your form, select it to open its control Properties
  • There will be an option to Submit to, where the SharePoint library data destination can be selected. 


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