List of unsupported InfoPath controls in Formotus forms

Not every control available in InfoPath can be used in Formotus forms. This is a quick list of unsupported controls, or you can see the master list.

Do not include the following controls in your forms:

  • Rich text box
  • Combo box (How to build an alternative to a Combo box )
  • Multiple selection list box
  • Date and Time picker (Date picker is OK)
  • Choice group, and choice section
  • Recursive section
  • Digital signature
  • Master/detail
  • Horizontal repeating table
  • File attachment
  • Vertical label
  • Repeating choice group
  • Repeating recursive section

Note: Formotus forms do not support any custom code included in InfoPath forms.  Formotus forms do not support UDCX data connections.

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