Top reasons that forms fail on mobile devices

If you have a form that works in InfoPath but won't load, runs slow, or can't submit on your mobile device, check these possible causes first:

Do you have a very long view in the form?

==>Split one long view into multiple shorter views

People creating their first mobile form very often try to create it as one long view, just like a paper form. The problem is that mobile devices need to load and process the whole view at once, and can lack the resources to do so. This is the most common cause of slow performance on the device.

Are you trying to submit several photos or diagrams in one form?

==>Limit the number of images submitted at once

Photos and other images are very memory-intensive. If you have too many in a form it can push device memory over the limit or cause problems when trying to submit so much data. Re-think your process so you can submit your photos in smaller batches.

Do you have custom code in your form?

==>Remove any custom code.

Formotus does not support custom code and its presence can cause unpredictable form behavior and instability.




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