How to manage InfoPath trust and security issues

No Formotus requirements

Formotus requires no particular trust or security settings in an InfoPath form that is uploaded to the Formotus portal and deployed to mobile devices. All InfoPath security and trust settings will not run on the mobile device.

Working with InfoPath

When working within the InfoPath designer, however, you may encounter complexities and receive error messages related to the form template's trust settings, the machine you are designing on, and the location where the form template is published. In general, there are a few things to try first when you receive these error messages.

Try these quick solutions first

  • Disregard the error message and continue. Often the form will in fact open but with a different name such as "Form 1". If you are just previewing the look of the form, this is good enough. If you are opening in Design mode, you can then use Save As to overwrite the original form name with the new identical but trusted version that is open.


  • Change the trust settings to Full Trust on the form template:
    File | Info | Form Options | Security and Trust | deselect Automatically Determine | Full Trust



Note: This Full Trust setting can be convenient for development and testing of forms, but you may want to change it back to Automatic when you go to production to prevent administrative issues on SharePoint.

  • Change your security settings in Internet Explorer. This can unblock you from opening a new InfoPath instance in a SharePoint library, for example, if the form needs to access your user name from your computer. In Internet Explorer navigate to Tools | Internet Options | Security | Trusted Sites | Sites and add the URL of your SharePoint site. (If that doesn't work, try adding the site Local Intranet instead.)

For more information

See these topics on the Microsoft site for a more thorough understanding of InfoPath security and trust topics:

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