How to troubleshoot email accounts and attachments issues on Android


This article applies only to forms that submit by email on an Android device. Android devices all have a Gmail account associated with them, and by default, Formotus forms submit using that email. Here is how to enable and troubleshoot the use of alternative email apps.

How to submit using an alternative email account

In order to use a different account, in the Formotus app choose Settings from the menu and select Sending using a different account.

The user will then be prompted to choose an email client when they submit a form.         

Troubleshooting missing attachments 

The ability for the Formotus app to attach files depends on the capability of the particular email client app. Some email apps, such as Gmail and Yahoo, attach files with no problem. Other email apps may not. If your email does not have the Formotus form files attached when submitting a form, first consider switching to a different email account that does work. If that's not possible, look for an alternative email app in the market that supports your preferred email account and does support Formotus attachments. If that is not possible, then you will need to use your email app to manually find the files on the SD card and attach them yourself.

The submitted XML and HTML attachments are saved on the SD card at the following location:

     FormotusForms / [Form Name] / [Unique Instance Name] / [Instance Name]

(The Unique Instance Name includes a unique ID.)

By default, browsing for files may only available using Gallery to browse for pictures. In this case you'll need a third-party app such as AndroZip to enable browsing for the HTML and XML files on the SD card.




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