How to Download and Use the Formotus InfoPath Custom Controls

Formotus custom controls add capabilities beyond what InfoPath supports. These controls only work in Formotus apps, not in InfoPath. 

Follow these steps to include Formotus custom controls in your InfoPath forms.

1. Download the controls

Download the controls you want from the list below to a location on your computer that has InfoPath installed. 

Download All Controls
All the following controls in one ZIP file.

Camera Control
Snap a photo to insert it in a form. 

Ink Control
Capture signatures and diagrams on a background image chosen by the form designer.

Annotation Control
Camera meets ink: Capture handwriting on a snapped photo or on an image inserted by the mobile user.

Location Control
Capture the location of the mobile device using GPS or other available methods.

Map Control
Embed a map of the current location into the form for submission.

Device Info Control
Capture identifying information about the mobile device such as phone number and OS.

Barcode Control
Read barcodes and QF codes into a form from the device's camera.

Zebra Printer Control
Print a form to a Zebra brand printer - ZQ500 series printers (ZQ510, ZQ520).

SharePoint List Connector Control
Update a SharePoint list from a repeating table in a form.

SharePoint Picture Control
Display a picture linked from a SharePoint picture library.

Excel Chart Control
Display a chart generated by Excel Services on SharePoint.

Photo Location Control
Camera Control augmented with location and compass direction info.

Annotation Location Control
Annotation Control augmented with location and compass direction info.

Form Version Control
Display the version number of the underlying InfoPath form template.

2. Add the template parts to the Controls pane in InfoPath

  1. In InfoPath 2010 or 2013, open the Controls pane.
  2. At the very bottom of the pane, click Add or remove custom controls.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Choose Template Part (not ActiveX Control)  and click Next.
  5. Browse to your downloaded .xtp file and click Finish.

The new control will now appear under Custom at the bottom of the Controls pane (see image below).


3. Drag and drop the controls into your form

These controls are now available to use in any Formotus form, in the same way as the native InfoPath controls. The Formotus InfoPath custom controls will not work in InfoPath, but they will work when you open your Formotus form on your mobile device.

Note: The Formotus InfoPath custom controls can become corrupted if they are modified too much. If one of your Formotus InfoPath custom control starts failing, try deleting that control and the associated data fields, then insert a new instance of that control.


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