How to use Formotus special views in InfoPath

Update: These methods are still supported, but now you can choose the phone view, tablet view and email attachment view in the Formotus portal. Portal settings will override the special view names described below.

Formotus makes special use of InfoPath views with certain names to control which view is seen on which device and which view is sent in email.You can see examples and download a starter form with these views already in place.

Controlling Default Views on Devices

Always create a view named Formotus Mobile to be the default view on mobile devices.

Create a view named Formotus Tablet if you want a different default view to appear on iPads and Android tablets.

Add buttons to switch between those two views if you want the user to be able to choose differently than the default.

Controlling the Email View

Create a view named Formotus Print if you want a special layout for the HTML file attached to an email submit. This view can have a different layout, controls and language than the views used to input data on the mobile device. Instead of drop-down menus and date pickers, for example, you can present the data as a Calculated Value so it appears as plain text on the print-optimized view. 

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