How to promote fields in InfoPath 2010/2013


You can specify what columns you'd like to show in your SharePoint library by promoting fields in your InfoPath Form.


Promoting fields from an InfoPath form to a SharePoint library initially happens while publishing your form to SharePoint.  When you’re ready to publish your form, go to File>Publish>SharePoint Server to prompt the Publishing Wizard



Next, enter(paste) your SharePoint location>Form Library>Create a new form library.  Then you’ll be asked to enter a Name for this library.  It is highly recommended that you name the library the same as your form name. 


In the next window, select Add… to select fields to promote as columns. In the example below, I chose field1 and selected OK. This means field1 will appear in my SharePoint library as a column.


Once you’re done adding columns, complete the wizard to publish your form.  Go to your SharePoint library to see your newly published form (MyForm) with the promoted field(s):


If you’d like to add more columns to your SharePoint library, you must republish your InfoPath form.  While publishing your form again, you can select Next> through the wizard until you come to the section to add columns shown below.  Here you do the same as before, Add… fields to become columns, and complete the wizard by selecting Next> and Publish.


After adding more columns and republishing, refresh your SharePoint library to see the new columns.


The image above shows a submitted instance from my device with the three total fields I added as columns when I published and republished MyForm.  

Note: Whenever you publish or republish your form, be sure to reupload your form in the Formotus portal to see your updated form on your device.  


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