How to email a photo or signature in a form

You want to use a Formotus control to include an image such as a photo or signature in a form and send it by email. Here's how.

We assume you already know:

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The following procedure applies to all 3 Formotus custom image controls (Camera, Ink and Annotation):

  1. Insert the Formotus custom control (template part)  into the desired spot in an input view, such as Formotus  Mobile. If you want the same control in more than one input view, copy and paste the whole template part to its other locations.
  2. Now select only the image from inside the template part and copy it.
  3. Paste the image into the desired spot in the email view, Formotus Print.
  4. The image inserted in the input view will now show in the emailed form, but without the white control buttons.
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    George Nelson

    But what about controlling the size of the image on the emailed pdf?

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