How to attach encrypted credentials to a form

When submitting a form to SharePoint a Formotus user is normally prompted for SharePoint credentials. This model is suitable for scenarios in which the Formotus user is also a user of SharePoint with his own individual credentials.

Formotus also supports an alternative model in which users are not prompted and do not need to know any credentials. Everyone using the form submits to SharePoint using the same credentials, which are encrypted and stored with the form. As far as SharePoint is concerned there is only one user submitting forms, so that user can have a generic name such as Formotus Form.

Attaching Credentials 

  1. On the Forms screen select the form you want to attach credentials to. 
  2. On the top right of the properties pane click the Settings (gear) icon.
  3. Under Attached Credentials click Add.
  4. In the Add Credentials pop-up dialog, enter the URL of the SharePoint location and a valid SharePoint user name and password. (The user must have write permissions.)
  5. Click verify credentials to confirm the credentials are valid.
  6. Click Add.
  7. The new credentials should appear in the list of attached credentials on the Settings page, and can be edited by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon.

The credentials are then encrypted and stored on the device when the form is installed. Note that a form can have multiple credentials attached, one for each data connection that needs credentials. Also, credentials can be attached for both submit and query connections, and for both SharePoint and Web services.

Identifying the User 

Since everyone is submitting with the same SharePoint credentials, those credentials cannot be used to identify the individuals submitting the form. Instead you can identify individuals by their unique Formotus user ID (email).

1. Create a field in your form named, for example, FormotusUser. It need not be displayed in a control, but it can be.

2. Set the default value for the field to the function userName()

3. Publish the form to SharePoint and promote the FormotusUser field.

Now there will be a column in SharePoint showing the Formotus User ID for each submitted form, and no user action is required.

InfoPath Note: In InfoPath Filler the userName() function will display the name of the user logged into Windows. After you add that function to your form you may get error messages in InfoPath Filler because the form permissions now need to be set to Full and the form needs to be signed with a certificate. These are InfoPath issues only and do not apply to using the form with Formotus.

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