How to configure a multiple submit in InfoPath



There are various scenarios where you might want to submit a form to multiple destinations, such as submitting to SharePoint and also sending an email. This article explains how to set up a multiple submit in InfoPath 2010 or 2013 so that it will work on mobile devices with the Formotus app.

Note: Multiple submit is not supported on workflow forms, and will fail to upload to the Formotus server.

Option 1: Add multiple submit rules to a button

This is the easiest and most straight-forward way to accomplish a multiple submit: simply add two or more rules on a button that each fire a submit action. (In the past this approach was not supported, and Option 2 below was required.)

Limitation: Rules other than submit rules are not supported on a button with multiple submit rules.

Option 2: Enable multiple submit from the menu

  1. In InfoPath Designer with your form open, click File.
  2. Click the Submit Options button.
  3. Leave selected Allow users to submit this form.
  4. Choose Perform custom action using Rules.
  5. Select Show the submit button...
  6. Click OK.


Set rules to run on Submit

  1. On the Data tab, in the Rules group, click Form Submit.
  2. In the Rules pane click New | Action | Add | Submit Data and proceed to finish configuring the data connection.
  3. Repeat step 2 to create a new rule for each submit action you want to configure.

Example form

Shown below is a form with two rules for two submits:

  • Submit the form to the customer by email if an email address has been entered in the form
  • Submit the form to SharePoint


 You can download this demo form to examine its settings.

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    Louay Rafih

    Using a rule in Form Submit that isnt a Submit causes the converter to throw an exception.  I was trying to use a rule that would send it to the next user in a workflow by changing the AssignedTo.  I am just wondering if you are aware of this and is there a possiblity that this can be supported in the near future?

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    Louay Rafih

    Sorry, I just read the Unsupported Scenarios section. 

  • 0
    L Kossmann

    Very usefull!

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    venkatesh sammit

    2nd condition is not working i.e is sharepoint list stored the data

    sending an email is working 

     we need submit the option is it stored in sahrepoint lsit is it possibe or not ?

  • 0
    Chris Zara

    @venkatesh - is the submit to a SharePoint list working in InfoPath but not in the converted Formotus form? please provide more details on behavior you are seeing. This functionality IS supported in Formotus.

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