How to use our InfoPath starter form to kick-start your first Formotus form

Updated: New recommended starter form as of February 2014.

Simpler New Starter Form

We now recommend this new starter form, which is clean and simple. It has no data fields and only one view. It also has a new custom default theme with brighter colors.

Otherwise this starter form is very similar to the older one below as far as fonts and table spacing.

If you prefer the old starter form

This InfoPath 2010 form template is one you can use for a jump start on creating your own mobile forms for use with the Formotus platform. It comes with some special Formotus views, layout tables and common fields already in place, and it has recommended font, spacing and color defaults built in. (Here is an InfoPath 2007 version.)

Formotus Tablet View

Here is the view named Formotus Tablet, which makes it show by default on iPads and Android tablets:


The outside container is a one-cell table that's 750 pixels wide. Notice the font is larger (Verdana 12) than the InfoPath default font, and the default color is actually off-black. There is more padding inside table cells for a less crowded visual effect and to facilitate touch usability by moving controls a little farther apart.

The form is designed to submit by email sent, by default, to the mobile user of the form.

Formotus Mobile View

This the view named Formotus Mobile, which makes it the default view on iPhones and Android  smartphones:


This view uses a smaller font ande  layout table 315 pixels wide so it's optimized for smaller screens.

Formotus Print View

This is the view named Formotus Print, which makes it the one that will be attached when a form is submitted by email:


This view is optimized for printing and online viewing.



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