How to use the SharePoint List Connector custom control

The SharePoint List Connector is a Formotus custom control that enables a form to submit data from a repeating table to a SharePoint list as a secondary data connection.


Following is an abbreviated instruction on using the SharePoint List Connector.

Get more detailed instructions with screenshots here.

Note: These instructions have not been updated to match recent changes to the control.

Create a list and obtain its GUID

  1. Find the GUID of the list by first navigating to edit the view of the list. In SharePoint Online (2013) you can get there by clicking Modify View under the List tab.
  2. When you are at Settings | Edit View the GUID of the list can be found in the middle of the URL. The list GUID follows “List=” and precedes “&View=”.
  3. Any special HTML characters (strings starting with “%”) need to be replaced with the symbols they represent.

There is a handy website that will extract your list’s GUID. All you need to do is paste in the whole URL: SharePoint List ID Calculator>>

Create columns and obtain their internal names

Pay attention to the data types of the list items because the data type in the connector must match.

SharePoint column display names are not always exactly the same as their internal names. There’s more than one way to find the internal column names, and here’s one:

  1. Display the list and click the List Ribbon
  2. Click List Settings
  3. Scroll down to the list of columns and click the column name
  4. Note the URL for the page… the internal name is listed at the end:

 Create a form and connect it to the list

  1. Install the custom control in InfoPath.
  2. Create a new form and add the custom control into the form. This will insert a repeating data structure in your form.
  3. Set the default value of the listID data field to the site URL and the GUID of the list, delimited by semicolon. For example:; c717e8aa-4c65-4061-a030-0f489ccf77c0
  4. Under items in the repeating data structure, add fields matching exactly the SharePoint internal column names determined above. Be sure the data types match the SharePoint data types.
  5. In the repeating section or table in the layout display, add text boxes for each of the fields under items.

Upload and deploy the form

On the mobile device you’ll see a checkbox and an upload button at the bottom of the control. Fill in your text boxes and tap the upload button. The text box data will be added to your SharePoint list.

The control simply appends data, so if the same data is submitted twice it will be duplicated in the SharePoint list.

After an upload the checkbox is marked and the button is disabled to prevent unintentional duplicate uploads. Deselect the checkbox if you want to perform another upload.

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  • 0
    George Nelson

    Any updates on this feature? This is also a very needed feature.

  • 0
    Matthew Bingham

    I agree, this feature is sorely needed in iOS. Also I think you mean "create columns" instead of "add items to the list", and item is a sharepoint object in a list, where the columns are the objects properties.

  • 0
    George Nelson

    It was several months ago, but I think I tried it on my iPad and it worked. Haven't had time to work on it since. What it doesn't do though is allow you to edit a field/row in the sharepoint list linked repeating table, only submit.

    Any idea whether updating is possible, or planned?


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