How to manage SharePoint credentials in workflow forms

The Formotus portal prompts for credentials when uploading a workflow form from SharePoint. These can be the same or different credentials than mobile users will need to grab and submit forms on SharePoint. There are three options for managing credentials.

Option 1: Same credentials everywhere

When you select "Attach these credentials for all users of the form" then you will be using the same credentials for three different purposes: Uploading the form to the cloud console, grabbing jobs on mobile devices, and submitting jobs from mobile devices.

This is the simplest way to manage credentials, but there are other options.

Option 2: Mobile users supply credentials

If you leave the check box unmarked and take no other actions, then mobile users will be prompted for credentials when they grab and submit workflow forms. Use this option if it is important that different mobile users access SharePoint with their own personal credentials.

Option 3: Attach different credentials for mobile users

If you want to supply mobile credentials that are different from those the org admin uses to upload forms, then you'll need to enter those credentials on the Configure Form Settings page.

Note: For a workflow form you currently need to enter the same user name and password twice:

  1. Enter credentials for the URL of the form library to which the form submits, then
  2. Enter exactly the same credentials for the URL of the site containing the form library.



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    Dave Gregory

    How can you change a user's Sharepoint credentials if they enter them incorrectly on the device?
    I think it is possible through forms in the Outbox, but they get empty lists and therefore forms which cannot be submitted.

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