Definition of organization administrators, mobile users etc.

Here is a list of the various roles involved in the use of the Formotus service:

Organization owner (org owner)

  • org owner credentials allow them to sign in to the Formotus portal
  • The org owner cannot be deleted
  • org owner can change the organization-wide settings
  • org owner role can be switched only by the organization owner
  • org owners can perform all of the administrative tasks that org admins can do

Organization administrator (org admin)

  • org admin's credentials will allow to sign in to the Formotus portal
  • Identified by the icon with a tie on
  • org admins are automatically licensed as a Mobile User as well
  • Org admins can create forms, upload forms, add/delete users, deploy/un-deploy forms, run reports and more

Guest administrator (guest admin)

  • Guest admins are licensed in another Formotus account
  • Guest admins can be added to multiple accounts
  • Guest admins do not consume any license-months in guest accounts
  • Guest admins have the same Formotus portal rights as org admins
  • Guest admins are not mobile users and cannot have forms deployed to them in the guest account
  • Identified in the Formotus portal by an icon with a different color of hair and tie than the org admin icon 

Mobile user

  • Can sign in to the Formotus app on any supported mobile device
  • Can use any deployed Formotus forms on 2 devices concurrently
  • Can reset their password from the Formotus portal sign in page
  • However, mobile users cannot sign in to the Formotus portal

Master organization/managed organizations (master org/managed org)

  • Enterprise plan customers can manage license-month distribution to several Formotus organizations from a master org Formotus account
  • The master org can transfer license-months to any of the managed orgs
  • This configuration allows Enterprise plan customers to purchase at license-months at volume license discount, and distribute license-months as needed to the managed orgs
  • Master/managed orgs are created by the Formotus team.  You can request one here

Partner of record (POR)

  • This is an option used by Formotus customers who work with a Formotus partner
  • The POR is identified by the organization owner at signup time or by request to the Formotus team
  • POR's can view select information about your org, including level of license-months inventory, upcoming depletion date, number of users
  • PORs cannot sign in to your account
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