Formotus portal icon guide


Below is a list of the icons that appear in the Formotus portal and in the Formotus mobile apps.


Forms Library

There are 3 icons that show what type of forms are in your Formotus Forms library:

Formotus forms that appear in the Local Form folder are stored on your local drive.  SharePoint Form indicates that an InfoPath XSN file was uploaded from a SharePoint library. 

The Workflow Form folder contains "jobs" that are "grabbed" from a SharePoint library. Learn more about workflow forms >>


Users Screen

Three icons indicate three different kinds of users in your organization:

Mobile users do not have access to the cloud console. Administrators do have mobile user rights.

Guest administrators are external users who already belong to a different Formotus organization. There is no cost associated with having a guest administrator in your organization. You might add a guest user if your company is large and uses multiple Formotus organizations, or to let a Formotus partner or support person provide you with assistance.

Mobile App Icons

Below are icons that mobile users may encounter in the Formotus apps. Note that the Windows 8 app is designed differently and does not include these icons.

A note about the workflow icons. The mobile app does not reveal to the mobile user that SharePoint is involved. A job is really an InfoPath form instance (XML file) that has been submitted to a SharePoint form library. It's "waiting" if it's available to be "grabbed" -- which really means checked out from SharePoint.




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