Difference between the Formotus Pro and Formotus Now apps

Formotus Pro and Formotus Now are both free apps available in the Microsoft, Apple and Android app stores. Both are used for filling the same forms created in the Formotus portal.

The two apps have different usage models:

  • The Formotus Pro app is for members of your organization who use Formotus forms on a daily basis to conduct their job, and who want to be sure that they can work robustly offline when necessary. The user opens the Formotus Pro app and finds all their forms installed on their mobile device, ready to use--online or offline.
  • The Formotus Now app allows you to share your Formotus digital forms with anyone inside or outside your organization--they don't need to have a Formotus account.


 Detailed App Comparison Table

The Formotus Pro app

The Formotus Now app

Requires license-months. A registered user depletes the supply of license-months.

Requires app-clicks. An anonymous user depletes the supply of app-clicks.

Unlimited usage. A Formotus Pro user faces no limits on the number of his forms, drafts, submits, connections, or any other feature (on two devices per user).  

Pay per use. A Formotus Now user is limited to one open and submit of a form per app click. The cost applies when the form opens, and the form closes after it submits.

Authenticated app users. A Formotus Pro user must sign in with Formotus credentials and be authenticated online before using the app. Offline authentication is allowed after that with verification when online.

Anonymous app users. A Formotus Now user is not prompted for any sign-in credentials to access the app and the form. (Depending on form design, you may require credentials to connect to your own data systems.)

Manage deployments. You have full real-time control over which forms are available to which users in Formotus Pro.

Manage links. An active link lets anyone open your form in Formotus Now. You can set limits on link activation by dates, maximum clicks, etc.

Persistent forms. Forms remain installed in Formotus Pro and updates are pushed for as long as the form remains deployed. 

On-demand forms. Each time a user clicks to open a form it is downloaded and installed for one-time use, then wiped when the form is submitted.  

Workflow forms. Formotus Pro supports a special class of forms that enable dispatch and routing of tasks among users.

Workflow forms not supported. However a Formotus Now form can be used to initiate a workflow for completion by a Formotus Pro user.

Multiple drafts. Formotus Pro users can have multiple drafts of a form in progress and saved locally on the device.

Single draft. Formotus Now users are limited to one draft per form. Clicking the link again will not open a new draft nor deplete an app-click.

Robust offline autonomy:

  • Open new blank forms offline
  • Complete data capture controls and full business logic in forms offline
  • Submit offline to outbox and auto sync when online

Work continuity offline:

  • Must be online to open a form
  • Complete data capture controls and full business logic in forms offline
  • Must be online to submit
    (no outbox) 
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