How to use app-clicks with your Formotus Now links


The Formotus Now app enables you to share your Formotus mobile business forms with anyone--they do not need to have a Formotus service account.

  • App-clicks are what you buy if you want to distribute forms on a pay-per-use basis. Each time anyone uses one of your forms this way, your account is depleted by one app-click.
  • Formotus Now links are shortcuts you create and share with people who are not registered users in your account in order to let them use your forms.
  • Formotus Now is the app that launches and opens your form when someone clicks your active Formotus Now link.

Purchasing app-clicks

Packages of app-clicks are purchased in advance and used when needed, much like license-months. The larger the package, the lower the price per app-click.

When your supply of app-clicks is depleted, none of your links will work to launch Formotus Now and open your forms.

Managing Formotus Now links

The new Links page is where you can create and manage links to any of your forms.

Create a Formotus Now Link

1. Select a form on the left to create and manage your links to that form.

2. Click the Create Link button to add a link to the list.

A link info panel appears showing the friendly name of the link as well as the link's actual URL.

Edit a Link's Properties

3. Click anywhere on the link's info panel to activate its menu.

4. Click the Edit button to change the settings of the Formotus Now link.

By default, a link is named after its form and has no restrictions on its use.

You have a number of options in editing the link's properties:

  • Link name: You can change the friendly name of the link. This is only for your convenience if you have multiple links to the same form with different settings.
  • Start date: You can delay the link becoming functional until a date in the future.
  • End date: You can specify a date after which the link will no longer function.
  • Maximum clicks: You can put an upper limit on the total number of clicks available for the life of the link.
  • Clicks per day: You can set a daily limit, after which the link will not work for the rest of the day.

Share Link

For your convenience, you can easily copy the link to your clipboard or email it to yourself using the buttons provided.

The Formotus Now link is a URL that can be shared in email, text, on a Web page or anywhere else such a link is allowed. Unlike a typical URL, this link does not display content in a Web browser but instead launches the Formotus Now app and downloads a Formotus form into it.

Delete Link

If you delete the link it will never be functional again. There is no undelete, so the link cannot be recovered.

If you might later want to reactivate a link you have already distributed, then we recommend you set the expiration date to the past instead. Later you can change it back to the future to reactivate the link.




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