How to use tips & tricks to build powerful Formotus forms


1. Control the photo size and maintain it proportions

Set the size of the InfoPath picture control inside the Formotus InfoPath custom control. Set the width in pixels and leave the height set to auto so both portrait and landscape photos will stay in proportion.
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2. Capture the location and compass direction of a photo

The location of the mobile device taking the picture, and the direction is the camera is pointed when the picture was taken are captured when you use 2 of the Formotus InfoPath custom controls: Photo Location and Annotation Location.
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3. Capture photos in a repeating control 

Where was this photo taken and what direction was the camera pointed? This information is captured when you use two specialized new custom controls: Photo Location and Annotation Location.
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4. Submit photos to a SharePoint picture library

You can avoid form size limitations and make your photos available as separate JPG files instead of embedding them in your form. Use SharePoint's imaging.asmx web service to submit each photo separately.
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5. Include a dynamic Excel chart in your form

The Excel Chart Formotus InfoPath custom control supports Excel Services using REST. This means you can, for example, create a form that submits data to Excel online and displays a chart image based on that data.
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6. Capture bar codes from the device's camera

To eliminate the need for a dedicated Bluetooth-connected bar code reader, you can use your mobile device's camera. The Barcode Formotus InfoPath custom control supports a variety of bar code and QR code formats.
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7. Submit secondary data to one or more SharePoint lists

The SharePoint List Connector Formotus InfoPath custom control you can use a secondary data connection to submit data to a SharePoint list from a repeating table. Each table submits to a list separately from submitting the form. 
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8. Open one Formotus form from inside another Formotus form

You can open one Formotus form open from within another Formotus form [Note: this feature is only available for Formotus forms running in the Formotus Pro app.] You can create your Formotus forms so that when the mobile user opens the first Formotus form, that Formotus form can populate the 2nd Formotus form with data from the 1st Formotus form. [e.g.: an inspector discovers a broken widget; he makes note of it in his inspection form; opens the repair assignment form and it is automatically populated with the GPS location, the picture of the widget etc. The inspector can submit the repair assignment form triggering a workflow notification to the repairmen dispatch pool.] 
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9. Create a URL that opens a Formotus form in the Formotus Pro app

You have lots of options here: open a blank Formotus form; open a blank Formotus form and dynamically populate fields in it; or open an existing instance (XML file) of a Formotus form from a SharePoint form library or any other location where the XML file is stored.
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