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It's easy to create a Formotus form in minutes and try it out immediately in a mobile app. Follow along with Gio in this short video as he walks you through creating your first form, then follow the steps below to do it yourself.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Create a form

  1. Sign in to your Formotus account.
  2. Click the New Form button, then Create a New Form.
  3. Enter a name for your form and click Create Form.
  4. In the form creator, click a control on the left to add it to your form.
  5. Click on the control you added in the center pane to edit its properties.
  6. Add and edit as many controls as you want.
  7. Click Save and Publish to make the form available in Formotus Pro.

    To make the form able to submit by email:

  1. Click Data in the right pane.
  2. Click +Data Destination on the Submit tab.
  3. Select the Email option.
  4. Enter a name such as "Email Submit" for the new data destination.
  5. Enter the email address where the form will submit, and a subject line.
  6. Click Done, and click Save and Publish.
    The form can now be submitted using the menu on the device. To add a submit button in the form itself, continue with these steps:
  7. Under Buttons, add a Submit button control.
  8. Click to select the Submit button control.
  9. In the Properties pane, click the Submit To drop-down.
  10. Choose the data destination you just created, e.g. "Email Submit".
  11. Click Save and Publish.

Step 2: Try the form in the Formotus Pro app

  1. Install the Formotus Pro app on a device if you haven't already.
  2. Log into the Formotus Pro app using your Formotus credentials.
  3. Tap your form name to install it open it.
  4. Fill the form and submit it to yourself by email.
  5. Open the email and check out the filled form in the PDF file attachment.

Step 3: Distribute the form via the Formotus Now app

  1. In the form creator, click the Send Link button and then Email Me.
  2. The email that opens is addressed to you by default and contains instructions to install the Formotus Now app and then click the link to your form.
  3. Change the addressee and any text you want in the body of the email, and send it.
  4. Anyone with the link can open, fill and submit your form. Whenever anyone opens it, your account is charged one app-click.

What's Included in the Basic Plan

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Your trial includes exactly the same capabilities as a Starter Plan subscription:

  • Create forms online in the Formotus portal
  • Preview and test forms on devices using the Formotus Pro app
  • Distribute forms to anyone as links that open in the Formotus Now app
  • Receive monthly supply of app-clicks that are consumed when people use your forms
  • Submit forms as PDF email file attachments
  • Submit forms to SharePoint libraries and Google Drive

What's Not Included

Not included are features from higher-level plans, including:

  • Create forms using Microsoft InfoPath and upload them
  • Add users and deploy forms to them for unlimited usage in the Formotus Pro app
  • Promote fields to columns in SharePoint libraries or lists
  • Submit forms data directly to web services

Advanced Features

Your form can have multiple views that the user can navigate with buttons.

Your form can have multiple email connectors and submit buttons that email to different designations.

You can design the PDF that's generated to be different than the input screens your users see. This design will also be what prints on a printer from the device.

You can have multiple links to a form. Formotus Now links can have start and end dates, maximum click limits and daily click limits to keep your app-click consumption well managed.


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