Overview of the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the start screen where you can monitor your Formotus account and launch most common tasks such as starting a new form.

The top menu lets you return to the Dashboard or advance to any page from anywhere on the site.


Notifications from the Formotus system alert you to important information.  Although there are none in the example below, you may see warnings of nearing depletion dates or low license-months.  There are also details regarding your specific plan and guidance to help you create and distribute forms.


Hovering over your organization in the top-right menu will show options for profile and account options.  From here, you can edit your Profile, view and/or edit organization settings, advance to the subscription & payments page for purchasing and invoice information, logout of your account, or view support articles and documentation.


This table will show a list of your 5 most recently used forms and information regarding the usage.  If they are forms that were created in the form creator as all are below (the names are blue links), you can select them to open them directly in the form creator for easy editing.


Depending on your plan, you may have two charts that show information regarding performance and usage.  Submits and Failures along with Clicks Usage by month - this is an Enterprise plan example.


The User Activity table can be used for monitoring recorded mobile activity. Information regarding the user, platform, form, action, version of the app, and timestamp of the usage is labeled here for your convenience.  You can also select the Export to Excel link to retrieve a complete user activity record.



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