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The Formotus mobile forms service enables you to deploy your Formotus forms to anyone inside or outside your organization, even if they are not registered in your Formotus account.  To deploy your Formotus forms to users who are not registered in your Formotus account, you will use the Formotus Now app links.


From the Links page you can create Formotus Now app links to share your forms with anyone who has the Formotus Now app loaded on their device.  When you send a link or post it on a website, anyone who receives the link will be able to open your form in the Formotus Now app--there are no credentials required. Formotus Now links are similar to regular web links, except they open forms in the Formotus Now app rather than opening a web page in a browser.

At the top of the Links page you will see how many app-clicks are available. When someone clicks on the Formotus Now link it opens the form in the Formotus Now app, and one app-click is consumed. If no app-clicks are available in your Formotus account, the link will not work until you purchase more app-clicks.

Select a form on the left and click Create Link button to create a new link. A form can have multiple Formotus Now links with different properties. Select a link on the right to enable actions on the link:


  • Edit lets you set link properties including start and end dates and how many app-clicks will be allowed.
  • Copy Link copies the link to your clipboard so you can paste it wherever you want.
  • Email Me opens an email with both a link to download the Formotus Now app, and the Formotus Now link of your Formotus form. 
  • Delete deactivates the Formotus Now link. 

How can I use Formotus Now links?

This short video explains the many ways to use Formotus Now links:



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