Overview of the Deployments page


The Deployments page is where administrators can control exactly which users have access to which forms.


Step 1: Select a form to deploy

In the dropdown on the right side of the screen, select what form(s) you'd like to deploy


Step 2: Select users or groups

On the right side of the screen, select which user(s) or group(s) of users you want your select forms in Step 1 to be deployed to


The deployed forms will be available to the selected users in their Formotus Pro app immediately. You can also view your existing deployments by forms, users, or groups. You can easily undeploy forms from a user, forms from a group, or users from a form, depending on the view you have chosen by selecting the 'x' next to the user or group name.


Note: If you SAVE & PUBLISH a form in the form creator, it will automatically be deployed to the admin of the organization.

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