Overview of the Users page

Applies to:
Team, Enterprise plans; Formotus Pro


The Users Page is where you manage all your users, groups and devices.


Registered users are people covered by your subscription plan. There are three kinds of users:

  • The owner has exclusive control over certain organization-wide settings. The person who creates the account is the owner, but that owner can specify a different user to be the new owner.
  • Administrators can sign into the cloud console account to manage all aspects of the organization except the few reserved for the owner.
  • Mobile users can only sign into the Formotus Pro app to work with forms that have been deployed to them. Mobile users cannot sign into the cloud console.

Note that all users have the same ability of mobile users to use forms deployed to them.

Click on a user's name to edit that user's information, and to assign a password to that user. You can also click in the Forms column to see which forms are deployed to a user, or click in the Devices column to see what devices the user has registered.


Groups are a convenient way to manage form deployments. In the screenshot above, we see a group named Inspectors that includes four mobile users. Here is how groups work:

  • Create a group of users who will all be using some of the same forms.
  • Users can belong to multiple groups.
  • Deploy a form to a group to make it available to all members of that group.
  • Add a user to a group to make all that group's forms available to the user.
  • Removing a user from a group does not delete the user, it only undeploys the group's forms.
  • Deleting a group does not delete any users, it only undeploys all the group's forms.


In the screenshot above you can see in the Devices column heading that each user is licensed to run Formotus Pro on two devices. The column shows how many devices each user has registered. Click in the devices column to see which devices are registered to a user, and to unregister a device.

Important: If a user has already registered the maximum number of devices (by logging in on them) and needs to use a new device, and administrator must unregister one of the current devices. Note that unregistering a device does not prevent the same device from re-registering if the signs in on it again.



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