Optional Upgrade Status: Updating your forms

On the Forms page in the Formotus portal, you will see the Status column.  In this column, you will typically see OK or Optional Upgrade, and once in a while you may see Required Upgrade


(Notice form Job Safety Analysis has an Optional Upgrade)

OK: This of course means that your Formotus form is up to date

Optional Upgrade: Because Formotus is continually adding features and improving the performance of the Formotus service portal and the Formotus apps, there are occasions where a new feature or bug fix may improve the performance of your Formotus forms.  Although the upgrade is optional, we recommend that you upgrade your Formotus forms.  When Optional Upgrade is selected, the Status of your Formotus form will change to OK, and your form is now up to date.  Your mobile users will then be prompted to update this form on their device. (See image below)

Upgrade Required: This means that changes have been made in the Formotus portal that could keep your Formotus form from working as expected on a mobile device.  You may see this if you haven't upgraded your form in some time.  

Important:  Be sure to let your users know that they should successfully submit their Formotus forms from the drafts folder, and also submit any items that may be in the Outbox first, before upgrading their device with the new Formotus app on their device. 

[Shown above: Form Job Safety Analysis has an update waiting signified by the two arrows.  The user does not have any drafts or items in the outbox and can Install Update.]  

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