Printing your forms


Formotus allows you to print your forms directly from your mobile device.  By customizing the PDF page and configuring the print view of your form, you can specify how your printed form will look. Note: Printing is only implemented for iOS and Windows devices, not Android at this time.


It is recommended that you have a completed form before setting up the printing settings.  This includes having your PDF page set up in your form.  To learn more about the PDF page, please read this article

To configure your print view, select your form on the Forms page to see the options appear.  Next, select the Configuration button, which will advance you to the Settings page. 

At the Settings page, choose the PDF page to specify your Email/Print view.

SAVE your changes and your PDF view is ready to print from your mobile device.  After making this change, you will notice your form will have an update on your device.

From your mobile device, complete your form and select the Menu Button in the top right corner. This will prompt the Print option.  

You can further customize your print view in the Printer Options.  Most importantly, select a printer to print from.  You can also pick the number of copies to print, single or double sided, and black & white or color.

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