Getting Started - Fast

Here are some suggestions for getting up the learning curve quickly.  The first few steps below are for all Formotus form creators, regardless of whether you are creating your Formotus digital forms with the Formotus form creator or with Microsoft Office InfoPath and the Formotus InfoPath Custom Controls.

1. Spend some time exploring the Formotus portal—review each of the pages below.


Overview of the Dashboard

Overview of the Users page

Overview of the Deployments page

Overview of the Links page (Read this if you are interested in sharing your Formotus forms with people outside your organization)

2. Click on the Forms tab and click on the NEW FORM button

3. Click on the Create a new form [InfoPath users, skip down for your next steps]:

4. Click on the From scratch and name your Formotus form, fill in Description and Tags if you like, and click the Create Form button.

5.  Next, you will see the Formotus form creator open. You will find documentation on all the functionality in our documentation in the Formotus Help Center.  Working with Controls is the best place to start as you learn to use the form creator.

6. Prepare to create your form:

    a. Set out your paper form for reference.

    b. Have a wireless device handy to deploy your form to for testing.

    c. Make sure your wireless device can access your organization’s firewall if you plan to test pushing/pulling data from your servers. If your device cannot reach your database, or SharePoint site, you will need to give the device additional permission.

7. If you get blocked, you can refer to the Formotus form creator documentation which includes additional videos.

8. Still blocked? Please submit a ticket to our support system here.  Please include a copy of your form with your submission to help our engineers diagnose your issue more quickly.  Here is how you can download a copy of your form.


Attention: InfoPath Users


Before you upload your InfoPath form we recommend that you read about which InfoPath controls are required to build a robust Formotus mobile form, and you will also want to read about how to use the Formotus InfoPath custom controls.

  1. Please click on InfoPath form

2. Choose the tab corresponding to the location of your XSN file.

3. Choose your file.

4. Fill in the Form name Add any desired Tags and add a Description if you like.

5. You will note that by default the Supported platforms boxes are all checked. This is a recommended best practice.

6. HINT: Before you move to the next step, click on the Formotus tip link now, which will open another browser window. Then you can download the Formotus Custom InfoPath Controls later.

7. Click on Upload Form button

8. The InfoPath form has now been converted to a Formotus form.

9. Click on the Deploy selected button and follow the form deployment wizard.

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