Formotus Creator Guide--Read Me First

This article will guide you through all of the features and capabilities of the Formotus creator.   The guide will show you where to find all the resources you need to build powerful mobile forms.  If you are looking for help on how to use controls, formulas etc., you will find it here.

1. Spend some time exploring the Formotus portal—review each of the pages below.


Overview of the Dashboard

Overview of the Links page

Overview of the Users page

Overview of the Deployments page

Last thing before you start creating your form, we recommend you watch this short video to see how to get started.

2. Create your first Formotus form by clicking on the Forms tab and click on the NEW FORM button

3. Click on the Create a new form icon on the left.

4. Click on the From scratch and name your Formotus form, fill in Description and Tags if you like, and click the Create Form button.

 5.  Next, you will see the Formotus creator open. Note that the left panel contains the Controls.  The middle panel is where you will see your Formotus form as you create it. The right panel is where you set up the data connectors (+DATA DESTINATION for Submit & +DATA SOURCE for Query) for your form to pull data into the form when it opens and push the data collected in your Formotus forms to your servers.


6. Best practices for creating powerful Formotus forms:

  • Have your paper form ready for reference.
  • Have a wireless device handy to deploy your form to for testing. It is recommended that you test your form frequently throughout the form creation process.
  • It is recommended that you Save & Publish your form and test it on your device as you add more controls.
  • If the database that your mobile users will be submitting to is behind your organization’s firewall, be sure that your mobile device can connect to your database (SharePoint, Google Docs, etc).
  • Chrome is the recommended browser.


NEXT STEPS: Learn how to start Creating Forms, add Controls; Querying Data; Submitting Data; Logic and Rules; Data Integration

  • Creating Forms has several articles that will help you learn about creating forms, and workflows with Google Sheets, SharePoint; repeating photos, repeating sections and more: Creating Forms



  • Query Data will guide you through setting up query using a REST/SOAP web service; with Google Sheets, SharePoint, Salesforce and more: Querying Data


  • Submitting Data will show you how to submit your data to Google Sheets/Drive, SharePoint, by email and more: Submitting Data 


  • Logic and Rules will show you how to use a formula to get an average of values; using a Custom Button to increase a value; how to use formulas and calculated fields:  Logic and Rules 


  • Data Integration includes guidance on submitting to Salesforce; how to set a Zapier Webhook; how to attach encrypted credentials to your Formotus form; how to use standard or custom SharePoint authentication:  Data Integration


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