How to set up a Zapier Webhook with Formotus


You can set up a Zapier Webhook to connect Formotus with many types of data sources.  Keep in mind I am using Gmail as an example.  You can choose any accessible app from Zapier depending on your account and follow a similar process.  


Note: You will first need a Zapier account of any kind.  Also, it is highly recommended to have a completed form before beginning.  This way, you will have all of your fields in order for when it is time to specify what data you want to submit.

Once you have logged into your Zapier account, select the Make a Zap! button.   

Step 1. Select Webhooks as the Trigger App

Step 2. Choose Catch Hook

Step 3. Ignore Pick off a Child Key option and select Continue

Step 4. Copy the Webhook URL given to you.

Step 5. In the Formotus form creator, select +DATA DESTINATION, and Zapier.  Then paste the copied Zapier Webhook URL. Complete the Zapier data connection, and select Done. Name is simply the name of the submit.

Step 6. From your device, Install your form, fill out all of the fields, and submit it to connect the Webhook.  This is a one time test that acts as the start of your Zapier connection.  

Step 7. Back in Zapier, select OK, I did this to test the connection. Zapier will wait for your submitted test form to complete the connection between your form, and Zapier. You will then be taken to the Test Successful page - select Continue.

Step 8. Select an app to connect to.  In my example, I will choose Gmail but here is where you can choose from any app depending on your Zapier account.

Step 9. Choose Send Email and select Save + Continue

Step 10. Enter a Gmail account to submit to and select, the Test button.  Once Success! appears, finish this page by selecting Save + Continue.  

Step 11. Set up the email template by providing the desired information and fields.  You can select the Insert a Field button to choose fields from your form you want to include into your email template.  In the image below, you will see the data that I submitted from my device on Step 6 (in green) will appear in fields I added.

Step 12: Once you have completed entering fields for your template, select the Continue button to see a sample of your template.  Select Send Test to Gmail to do a final test, and Finish.

Step 13: Turn your zap on.  Now when you submit from your device, it will zap the modified template.

Now every time you submit your form, it will process through Zapier and connect to the app you specified (in this example, Gmail).


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