How to create a form tile/shortcut


You have the ability to create a tile shortcut for a specific form.  This allows you to have an app tile on your Android or Windows device that acts as a shortcut to a form.  You can upload an image to this tile to change its appearance instead of showing the Formotus logo.  The end result is a custom tile on your device that opens the form of your choice.

Reminder: This is currently only available for Android and Windows devices.  Also, Formotus Pro and Now must be installed; each time the tile is selected, a click is consumed.


Step 1. Choose a form to configure. This can either be a form designed in the Formotus creator, or an InfoPath form.  On the Forms page, select the checkbox of the desired form, and the Configuration wheel. 

Step 2. On the Configuration page, scroll down until you see a checkbox for Formotus Now Shortcut. Select the checkbox to show options for a name, and upload an image for the tile. When finished, select the SAVE button on this page. Note: Depending on your device, the image may or not be supported.  You may need to decrease the size of the image to fit on your device.

Step 3. Now on your Android or Windows device, log into Formotus Pro, and open your form. Once the form is open, view the menu options and look for Create Shortcut, and select it. Note: If you’ve installed the form before, you will need to update it. Pictured below: Android device on the left, Windows on the right.


Step 4. Once you leave the Formotus Pro app, you will see a newly created tile for your form. Select the tile whenever you need to complete a form draft. 

Pictured above is a custom tile on an Android device for my inspection form.

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