How to submit to Salesforce


Using a Formotus creator form, you have the option to submit directly to Salesforce.  This allows you to update your Salesforce data directly from your device using the Formotus app.  Keep in mind you can submit data offline if needed.


To submit data to Salesforce, you first must have a Salesforce account.  You also need a location(tabs shown in red border below) to contain your data, for example, Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, etc.  With this, you can create a data destination within your Formotus creator form to submit to Salesforce.

It is recommended to first complete building your Formotus form before creating the Salesforce data destination.  This way, you can rename your fields appropriately to keep things organized.  Once your form is completed, select Data>Submit>+DATA DESTINATION in the right pane.

Then select the Salesforce option and NEXT.

Next, complete the data source wizard.

Name: Simply give your data destination a name, for example, 'Salesforce Submit'.

Salesforce account information:  Enter your salesforce credentials here, along with the security token (not required).  After entering your credentials, select the CONNECT button to verify them.

Select Salesforce object: Here is where you select your Salesforce object or tab.  As mentioned before, this may be Campaigns, Leads, or Accounts, etc; whatever Salesforce location you plan to submit your data.

Attach Credentials: You can attach our credentials to the form so that your users don’t have to enter any while using your form from their mobile device.  This is an easy way to simplify the form for your users.

Submit options:

Use this destination to submit from device menu: Checking this allows your users to submit the form from the device’s menu.  This is one way your users could submit the form, and required if your form does not have a submit button.

What happens to the form after submit: If you select ‘Use this destination to submit from device menu’, you can choose what happens to the form after submitting: Close form, Open a new draft, or keep the submitted draft open to reuse the data.

Next you will be connecting your Salesforce fields to the fields in your form.  For example,  textbox1 (you can rename this field) will submit to the Name field in your Salesforce location.  Simply assign your Formotus form fields to Salesforce fields.  Once your form is submitted, the data your users enter into your Formotus fields will update your Salesforce fields .

Once the Salesforce data connection is complete, select DONE.  If you did not select ‘Use this destination to submit from device menu’, connect the data destination to a submit button.

From your device, fill out your form (an example is below, with 3 fields), and submit.  

After submitting, your Salesforce site will be updated with the data from your Formotus form.  Notice the red asterisks that match the field data from the example Formotus form (Campaign Name, Active, Description/Memo). 

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